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Hardanger Violin


Lilla Rio is inspired by the beautiful nature of Scandinavia and the mother-of-pearl work of the traditional instrument, Hardanger fiddle (Hardingfele).

We not only use highest quality Japanese white Akoya pearls, but also rare gold color pearl: “Golden Aurora Pearl”. Using simple and refined design, we offer a wide selection of alluring jewelry made by Japanese artisan under strict quality control.

Akoya pearls

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Lilla Rio jewelry puts great emphasis on: “design”, “comfort” and “price”.
Design: “Scandinavian design” coordinates the carefully selected materials simply and functionally. Lilla Rio jewelry also makes this as our motto to design jewelry that does not spoil the beauty of Japanese Akoya-pearls, and aim to make jewelry suitable for casual and formal situation.
Comfort: Lilla Rio jewelry is delicately and neatly “Made in Japan”.
The designer herself tries on the sample to make sure the condition and the comfort. As a result, Lilla Rio customers place a great reliance on our products. For example, Lilla Rio designed ear-clips gained many comments that “it does not hurt and does not drop off”.
Price: We order our material, pearls, directly from the pearl farm with great history and trust. Therefore, we offer high quality jewelry reasonably.

about pearl


Lilla Rio uses only carefully selected Akoya pearls produced in the ancient third pearl farm located in Isejima, Ago bay on the coast of Japan. Japanese traditional pearl farming grows the Akoya shell (the mother oyster) for three years, and tended for a further 5 to 6 months to allow the pearl to develop. In spring, the pearl core is inserted into the oyster by highly skilled technicians. Then, the oyster is returned to the sea, where it is protected and cleaned for a further one or two years before being brought ashore and opened. As a result of the changing seasons and temperature, Japanese Akoya pearls produce the small textures and the deep brightness.


Golden pearls

“Golden pearls” account for less than 8% of all “Akoya pearls”. Lilla Rio uses highest quality ‘AAA ‘graded “Golden Aurora Pearls” that are only 2% of Golden pearls. Golden Aurora Pearl is very rare so please pardon us when it is out of stock.


flowers of Apple

Lilla Rio Gift


Lilla Rio jewelry which the motif comes from northern Europe natural flowers, is divided into 8 series.
Golden Aurora (Golden Aurora Pearl)
Snow White (White Pearl)
Princess Aurora (Multi Color Pearl)
Little Mermaid (Baroque Pearl)
​⑤Fjord Cherry (Cherry Motif)
Fantasy (Small Natural Pearl)
Lilla (Northern Europe Flowers and Leaf Motif)
Crystal White (Natural White Pearl)

❀Each jewelry is beautiful individually, but you can enjoy by putting on several jewelries from different series as well.
For further information, please look at the collection page.
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